Waste, red flag for Italy

Let's talk about waste management and according to a report by the European Commission, the northern countries are the most virtuous and it is Red flag for Italy. There European Commissionby analyzing 18 criteria, it managed to assign Green, Orange and Red Flags to the 27 Member States.

The report takes into account the estimates on recycling, of the tariffs for the disposal and regulatory violations. At the top of the European ranking we see Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Sweden. In these countries less than 5% of waste ends up in rubbish dump.

At the bottom of the ranking, among the worst states, we find Italy together with Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The red flags were awarded due to the policies of the waste management very weak or even non-existent, due to the absence of waste prevention plans, lack of incentives for alternatives to the transfer in rubbish dump and the inadequacy of the infrastructure for the waste treatment. In other words, too much waste ends up in landfills even without any control at the expense of what could be policies recycling is reuse.

Italy is among the countries with the worst results. The European Commission is seriously concerned and is drawing up an action plan to improve the waste management with economic, legal and administrative instruments. EU structural funds are not excluded with the 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework. If Italy does not meet certain conditions, including the preparation of plans for waste management according to law of the Waste Framework Directive, will risk not being able to access EU funds.

Edited by Anna De Simone

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