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The Smart University of Minister Profumo

Green Mobile campus for dynamic people is the slogan of Polytechnic of Turin launched a few years ago under the rectorate of the current one Minister of Education Francesco Profumo. The meaning of this definition was explained by the Minister himself in an interview that is still current released a year ago in the role of Rector, shortly before taking up the institutional post. We believe it is useful for the readers of Ideegreen to resume some of the contents of that speech that contains reflections on the role of the Italian university system in the perspective of sustainability.

Green Mobile campus for dynamic people it is a definition that sums up well the philosophy of the Polytechnic of Turin - says Professor Profumo in the interview - which traditionally often plays the role of forerunner of innovative solutions, which can also be applied externally. We have moved in this direction of environmental sustainability, which in universities does not only mean energy saving, but is accompanied by the study of smart technologies for teaching and the digitization of administrative processes. The project integrates two crucial elements for the country: the reduction of energy consumption and the production of COutilizzo and the use of new IT technologies for training”.

“The term green for the Politecnico di Torino refers to campus energy management - continues Profumo - which can be summarized in two aspects: use of alternative energies is energy saving. This is why we have carried out important interventions that allow us to save almost 4000 toe and over 11,000 tons of CO₂ every year, equal to the energy consumption and emissions of a community of over 1,000 inhabitants ”.

“Among the projects undertaken by the Polytechnic of Turin there are some highly advanced technical initiatives, mainly for research purposes, but which over the years may lead to applications with more extensive effects”, emphasizes Profumo. “In particular, a polygeneration laboratory will allow savings of 280,000 KW / h, the enhancement ofphotovoltaic system already installed in the buildings of the Cittadella Politecnica and a natural lighting management and control system”.

“The most consistent novelty we have worked intensely on is the reconceptualization of teaching and research to encourage the establishment of a community of learning and work in a virtual team, to reduce the physical mobility of students and teachers, and optimize the cost / performance ratio related to the learning process. Lectures, which will certainly not be abolished, accompanied by the possibility of accessing them in a good percentage via video streaming, available 24 hours a day, in a context in which the social network is also developing thanks to the Web, chat, mail, smartphone ", he concludes Professor Francesco Profumo.

Note. The contents are taken from an interview collected in 2011 by Michele Ciceri for the bimonthly EXECUTIVE.IT by Gartner ( published by Soiel International (

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