Green 2.0 grandparents are here: on foot or by bicycle!

Without any claim to represent the category in this way, three grandparents tell their habits, struggling with organic products, computers and the Internet and increasingly comfortable but also more expensive means of transport. And it turns out that a generation over 70 is much more organic and above all much 2.0 than what stereotypes tell us. Here is Grandpa Senior (Antonio, 3 grandchildren and 88 years old), Grandpa Medium (Claudio, 2 grandchildren and 77 years old) and Neononno (Mimmo, 1 grandson and 70 years old).

1) How much do you use the pc? How when did he learn?

Senior grandfather: I use the pc every day for about two hours between morning and afternoon.
Grandpa Medium: Every day, especially in the evening. I have started using the PC since I retired: I attended a one-day course at the "School for the Elderly", an initiative of the Internet Saloon (
New Grandfather: I use it continuously but occasionally, when I'm not away from home, however, at least 2 or 3 hours a day, I learned by myself on one of the first laptops, very heavy.

2) What activities do you do with your pc?

Senior grandfather: mail, above all, but I pay bills and make transfers, check movements and balances. I also download the daily liturgy and much more: in my studio without taking a step, I access information, culture and services.
Grandpa Medium: Information, above all, but not only, I also upload photos and enjoy editing them with photo-retouching programs, I organize video calls with friends and at the same time I challenge them to checkers or chess. I also find services such as free SMS sending, current account management and emails very useful.
New Grandfather: Home administration and various correspondence, I also read the main news in newspapers and turn the PC into a photo album. I see a triple tool in the PC: data archive, information medium and email dispenser

3) What would you not give up on your pc and internet?
Senior grandfather: to the daily post, to research and to all those services that allow me to take off whims and desires without moving and without time limits: ordering coffee pods at 11.30 pm on Sunday is tastier than a good coffee in the morning as soon as you get up! !!
Grandpa Medium: the possibility of carrying out research on any topic that I wish to deepen and the possibility of video-calling at no cost.
New Grandfather: to the stored data archive, to my favorite sites to consult. But in general I could not give up the PC anymore today.

4) How does it move around the city?
Senior grandfather: I live in the provinces and I'm 88, I mainly use the car even if "my women" scold me. So I walk to the barber, so as not to make them mumble too much.
Grandpa Medium: I live in the city and can therefore afford to use public transport almost always thanks to an affordable annual pass for the elderly. purchased on favorable terms. In the summer, I also use the bike a lot or walk. The car is almost always parked in the garage: I use it for heavy shopping and even for long journeys I prefer the train, and also in this case being elderly is an advantage for great discounts!
New Grandfather: in order I use cars, feet, bicycles, only with the sun, and public transport. I go on foot to take a walk, willingly, or for short distances or light loads, otherwise I absolutely use the car for the real expense.

5) How do you choose your food products?

Senior grandfather: after passionate research I found an original vegetable grower who is also a fantastic philosopher. So every Wednesday and Saturday I go to him to buy fresh fresh vegetables. He is so kind that if the vegetables I want are missing, he drops everything and goes to get them in the fields. However, I also buy at the general markets and I am a frequent visitor to the Kilometro zero growers' market: I am from Modena and I want to eat well. And genuine.
Grandpa Medium: I try to buy organic products, even better if produced in our country.
NeoNonns: I choose based on trusted brands and cost, but I prefer products of Italian origin, not necessarily organic, as long as the label is clear.

6) Do you prefer large shops, supermarkets, etc., or small, neighborhood ones?

Senior grandfather: everything I can buy in markets and small shops, consortia or direct producers. I go to the supermarket for fresh milk and cookies and razor blades!
Grandpa Medium: I prefer the Supermarket, I also have my favorite brand, which won me over because it offers high quality products and all kinds, ensuring time savings and a wide choice.
New Grandfather: In the city the supermarket is the most convenient reference. For meat, fish and fruit, however, I often prefer shops or market stalls. When I go to the beach, however, I almost exclusively buy in the shops of the town and I really appreciate the relationship that is established with the shopkeeper who becomes trustworthy.

7) A green wish for his grandchildren.

Senior grandfather: for my grandchildren, I pass, I do not answer, the question violates privacy :)
Grandpa Medium: I hope they can still have the luck that I have had to visit places that are still intact from the point of view of preservation of the environment, especially in the south of Italy that I have often visited in the summer and in the Dolomites, which offer truly spectacular views and where every detail is extremely accurate.
New Grandfather: I obviously wish my grandchildren a more livable world but it is obvious. I hope that by then we will be able to solve at least one environmental problem of smog.

Interview byMarta AbbĂ 

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