Roberto Peia, Corriere Espresso and Green, cycling around Milan

Reliable, ecological and fast, indeed, faster, they, by bicycle, compared to those usual bulky and polluting trucks: they are the Urban Bike Messengers, the couriers specialized in light and express deliveries that for 4 years have been speeding through Milan more and more numerous and efficient.

While thinking of an ever more colorful and clean, and more civilized Milan, Roberto Peia, the president of UBM and fast UBM himself, is multiplying the services offered on the pedals; from food to online tracking.

 Credits Photo: Marco Cremascoli

1) What is UBM?

UBM, stands for Urban Bike Messengers ( is the first bike courier company in Milan, specializing in light and express delivery. We deliver everything that can be carried in our capacious and waterproof backpacks, created and tested specifically for our work. Our hours range from 9.00 to 18.00, from Monday to Friday, but we are organizing ourselves to extend the closing time to offer an increasingly complete and efficient service, thanks to our ever-growing team of couriers.

2) How did the idea come about? Are you satisfied with how it is going today?

The idea was born by studying the realities already established in the rest of Europe and beyond.
By making a careful analysis of the market and competitors, we saw that our project could not only be feasible, but could become a winner. The bike is undoubtedly the fastest means of delivery, in traffic and at peak times, especially in the center. The demonstration that our intuition was not wrong is being given to us by our customers and all those who day after day use UBM as a partner for their deliveries.

3) Do you have any plans for the future?

In the future, we aim to provide an increasingly broad and efficient offer to satisfy an increasingly attentive clientele. The food delivery, for example, it is one of our new challenges that is giving us an interesting response of consensus. For our customers we are choosing the best "foodies" in Milan, to offer them the best food with the usual punctuality and professionalism.

There is also a new service that we are about to launch is that of direct tracking for our customers: for urgent deliveries, we offer a service that communicates the pick-up time and delivery time of their envelope via email. This is both an extra guarantee that we give and a way to show that we are competitive on all fronts.

LOOK: the images of the Urban Bike Messengers through the streets of Milan

4) Is UBM “exportable”?

We are capitalizing on all this work and the experience gained from 2008 to today by opening up to franchising. Our first branch has been in Bologna for a year, which thanks to the passion and professionalism of our Bolognese cousins, is giving us great satisfaction.

5) Who are your typical customers? How do you become an urban bike messenger?

Our clientele it definitely is transversal. We have law firms, accountants, tattoo artists, large international companies, banks and small craft shops, not least the municipality of Milan for which we have recently worked for the distribution of information material during the launch of Area C.
Over the years, our clientele has expanded and diversified.
More and more customers have seen with their own eyes that the bike and our way of working are winning, both from a timing point of view and from a professional point of view.
To become one of our couriers, just go to our website and fill out the form in the "ride with us" section. Obviously, as in all companies, there will be an interview and a possible trial period.

6) How do bicycles live in Milan? How much and when do you risk?

Security is a delicate and deeply felt issue, which is why we have also adhered to the "SALVAICICLISTI" campaign, launched by the Times and revived in Italy by RCS and Gazzetta dello Sport. Our corporate and ethical values ​​require us first of all to protect our couriers from an insurance point of view,
explaining to them that the thing we care about most is to create a company that primarily protects its employees. And then, in Milan, there is a lot of risk on a bike, both for cobblestones and tracks, and for the not always bike friendly mentality of those on the street, so we think that the only large cycle path on which to invest is called Civilization.

7) The Milan of dreams for an urban bike messengers….

The Milan of the dreams of a UBM already exists and we pedal on its streets every day.
We are working to create a different way to offer a service, to employ and to make this city more sustainable.

In the near future we would like to see more and more of our couriers, with our colors, deliver a cleaner Milan.

Interview byMarta Abbà

LOOK: the images of the Urban Bike Messengers through the streets of Milan

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