D3CO does not make sofas, it accommodates nature with style

Soft credit for green businesses? “These are really long and cumbersome processes, incompatible with the speed of growth of a start-up. Word of Davide Barzaghi, of D3CO, which with Disfatto (by Denis Guidone) conquered the Design Award of Amazement at the Young & Design Award 2012, but above all that he created a small virtuous company by intertwining nature, tradition and design.

1) What are the peculiar characteristics of D3CO?

Nature, tradition, design, these are the values ​​of D3CO which proposes itself as the first developer of completely natural design upholstery. He collaborates with young Italian designers and relies on a completely artisanal production process, made on site without using any type of relocation.

2) When and how was the idea born?

The idea was born last year, at dinner with my partner Christine and Lydia, a photographer friend. We were trying to imagine what was actually missing in our respective work sectors and the emphasis fell on the actual possibility of creating a completely natural sofa, without polyurethanes, plastics and other components that are harmful to health and the environment. I was already doing research in this field and a reflection of this type gave the stimulus to decide to undertake this adventure as soon as possible.

3) How do you choose your designers? Who I am?

I don't remember accepting any project on the basis of mere design. Human relationship is very important. I initially contacted Paolo Cappello, we were classmates at the university and I liked his style, then Mario Ferrarini, Sara Ferrari, Denis Guidone, Brian Sironi and CTRLZAK arrived.

I met several professionals this year, many proposed ideas, but I must say that I was mainly captured by the personality of the subject: I found people capable of communicating through the product they conceived so much that now, out of habit, I call the different prototypes directly with the name of the designer who created them. That's what I'm looking for: stylistic affinity. Furthermore, our designers are all professionals under the age of thirty-five: this is how I wanted to create a group from which to then start with the D3CO project.

4) How do you choose the materials? What certificates of guarantees do you "expect"?

Every single component, from the fabric to the padding foams, to the yarns for the seams, has at least one certification that is provided upon delivery. The most important certifications come from international bodies such as Oeko-tex, for the analysis of textile materials, and the HCCO-E0, for the absence of formaldehyde inside the plywood used for wooden or bamboo structures. Furthermore, for maximum transparency, each sofa can be fully inspected through a system of zip hinges that allow you to observe the internal structure and the components used for construction.

5) How much do the choices made affect the costs of your products?

The raw materials and semi-finished products we use are the best that can be found on the market, this already affects the final cost of one of our products, furthermore guaranteeing a product involves additional costs for the company that produces it and we work only with certified materials. For entirely handcrafted sofas and accessories, there is no logic of relocation or industrialization of production and the hours dedicated to each single creation are many. This is why we place ourselves completely outside the logic of the market and also adopt principles for ethical trade.

6) In your sector, have the companies that pay attention to the sustainability of their products increased?

It seems so, but I must say that the concept of eco-sustainability is often found instead of ours, of naturalness. D3CO offers an artisanal product of design and natural, not eco-sustainable. The difference is really marked. In an artisan context, talking about Life Cycle Assessment would be not very credible, better to focus on a simpler interpretation and truer model in which the product is the sum of its components: if all the components are certified as natural, the finished product will be too. .

7) Do customers show interest in this aspect? And the institutions?

I noticed a much more marked interest from the markets of northern Europe, generally more attentive to the themes proposed by our brand but we also received an award at the Salone del Mobile in Milan: the Design dello Stupore award at the Young & Design Award 2012 with Undone by Denis Guidone.

As for the facilities… there aren't any! We are trying to access soft credit measures for businesses, but these are really long and cumbersome processes, incompatible with the speed of growth of a start-up. I understand the moment and the economic difficulties, but I believe that it would be good to review the procedures to avoid stifling the ideas that, in the short term, could allow our country to create new wealth for the benefit of all.

Interview byMarta Abbà