The waste society

There is a lot of talk about conscious consumption, ethical choices and healthy lifestyles, however every time I leave the house there is always a queue outside the McDonald's. If until recently sociologists defined ours as the "Consumer Society", today we can talk about Waste company: there is no time to "consume" a device that we already consider a waste. The life cycle of our assets ends prematurely.

Our Waste Company reaches its peak in the technology sector. To ironically, it can be said that our love for electronics is a flash in the pan so we buy a smartphone taken by the passion of the moment but every time a new iPhone is presented, we want to replace our old partner, even if it is fully functional. and it doesn't make us miss anything!

We are in full economic crisis, in Italy the suicide rate has skyrocketed. Unemployment rises, yet with it so does finance, loans and purchases. With the economic crisis there Waste Company it should turn into a utopian one Savings Society. The issue touched the heart of a Korean pop star who wanted to shoot a video satire on the situation in the wealthy neighborhood of Seoul, "Gangam".

Psy's video and song "Gangam Style" looks like an incredibly absurd photograph, yet we read that in South Korea, in 2010, an average family spent 155% of their disposable income. One estimate reveals that each adult has around 5 credit cards. This materialistic culture it does not belong exclusively to South Korea which becomes the emblem of a certain lifestyle.

In its "making-of", PSY states that "human society is so empty, so much so that even while shooting the video I felt pathetic ". Sure, the PSY video is very rudimentary, a parody, but it might make you think. Plus PSY is taking a big risk as the Korean government may decide to fine him for producing a pop song come on "Inappropriate content“.

There materialistic culture of the rich Korean neighborhood does not differ much from the lifestyle of some Italians. Hoping that soon our society will undergo a new evolution with a more aware conscience, we propose the video of PSY with its funny pop song.

Edited by Anna De Simone

Video: Waste Management in Tokyo 13 (October 2020).