Wind power

Wave energy

The wavy way is a source of clean energy very promising but too neglected, companies prefer to invest inwind power and in solar where technologies are already certainty.

L'wind energy has its roots in the old mills and today there will be a first time for the wavy way which will soon see its first power plant for the production of clean energy: Ocean Power Technologies has just had a license valid for the next 35 years, the idea is to install a 1.5 megawatt capacity plant four kilometers off the coast of Reedsport, Oregon.

The project includes 10 PowerBuoys that will exploit the wave motion to generate clean energy enough to meet the needs of about 1,000 homes. The Ocean Power experiment is destined to be so successful renewables they will be able to count on new technology.

The sea is not the ideal place only for offshore turbines, Ocean Power technology appears to have only positive impacts. The installed devices will be anchored to the seabed and will generate electricity thanks to the waves and tides that will keep them moving. The project received funding from the US Department of Energy. Installation is expected by the end of 2012.

Video: Turbulent VORTEX Demonstration (October 2020).