The bus that moves thanks to the weight of the passengers

Can a coach produce electric energy by the kinetic energy generated by the weight of the passengers? The fourth class of ISIS Facchinetti from Castellanza (VA) took care of this project. The project is incredible, it is a device called Ecoload, capable of transformingkinetic energy of the weight of passengers getting on and moving on public transport, in clean energy, thanks to the compression of the double layer of flooring on the vehicle.

The current variation obtained is due to the variation in the number of passengers that the bus is carrying. The current generated by the designed device is greater the greater the number of passengers transported by the vehicle. 10 mm of compression are enough to produce 6.8 W. L 'power produced by the stress of the weight of the passengers is accumulated in batteries to provide for energy requirements of the bus.

With the installation of Ecoload on 100 buses, what advantage would this result in terms of figures?
The application of the device would allow a savings on fuel consumption of about 25% with consequent reduction of carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. A significant figure could be reached in just six months environmental: reduction of emissions into the environment of 2 tons of particulate matter, 5.8 tons of unburned hydrocarbons, 23 tons of carbon monoxide, 35 tons of nitrogen oxides and 537 tons of carbon dioxide.

An absolutely original and innovative idea is that of kinetic energy derived from the movement of passengers.
"There is great attention
- explains the professor of electronics Ornella Pili, tutor of the project - At our side we have two important economic realities, partners for years: BTSR spa, which develops sensors, and which has expressed an interest in improving the efficiency of the sensor, and Mercedes on a mechanical level. I am looking for further interested partners while in October we were invited to speak at a very important conference on sustainable mobility organized by Assolombarda. It is clear that further confirmations are awaited on the emission data and on the income statement, but if the experiments on larger models further improve our calculations there would be really great enthusiasm ยป.

A coach a kinetic energy, the economic accounts of transport companies would return to balance, not for the money spent by the passengers but for their weight.

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