Orion 5, photovoltaic made in Italy

The new photovoltaic generator made in Italy, Orion 5, is the innovative product of an Italian company Ener-Q. It has the trapezoidal shape that recalls the constellation of Orion, a cue that is not only structural since Orion lights up the night just like the device can. Orion 5.

The revolutionary eco-sustainable generator is specially designed to say goodbye to fuel generators. It is transportable, it works even if not connected to the electricity networks, in bad weather and at night thanks to the set of batteries contained in the control unit inside.

It is excellent for high mountains and other areas not reached by the power line. For this reason it is tempting to many foreign countries with problems of electric energy. Compared to a traditional generator powered by fossil fuel, it has the advantage of a double life cycle.

The photovoltaic generator transportable off-grid, which is already attracting the interest of foreign markets, is ready and has been tested for a few weeks: to preview it, mister Mustak, owner of the Pataka Group, the Indian giant active in production, flew to Conegliano on purpose of Biri cigarettes and in various sectors. Orion 5 it is in fact useful for bringing energy to places not connected to the electricity grids and is able to provide energy continuously from five to ten residential units.

Orion 5 it can also be used to power homes, to operate military stations, meteorological stations, data and telecommunication transmission centers, small water treatment plants, auxiliary systems for civil protection in the event of natural disasters. A real revolution in the field of eco-sustainability made in Italy.

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