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How to organize a green event

It doesn't matter if it's a concert, a town festival or simply a birthday. There are some guidelines to follow when you want organize a sustainable event. To support these good practices is Legambiente that with its Festambiente can set itself as an example for zero impact events.

With the growth of a more sensitive awareness of environmental issues, portals such as GreenNight were born that offer themselves organize sustainable events and at low CO2 emissions. Who, for his event, does not want to turn to third parties, can follow simple guidelines and organize a green event slap-up.

It is obvious that if one has the possibility, high technologies should be used energy efficiency and exploit sources of clean electricity, but when a photovoltaic system is not available, much can still be done. Here is the decalogue.

  1. Use products at zero kilometer
  2. Prefer small local suppliers for each type of product
  3. Prefer organic products
  4. Operate separate collection both during the event and after the party
  5. Use crockery completely biodegradable
  6. Serve water in glass jugs
  7. Promote a lifestyle sustainable
  8. Invite citizens (or friends!) To reach the event by public transport or bicycles
  9. Apply a discount or give a gift to guests who have arrived by bike
  10. Plant trees to clear carbon dioxide emissions produced

An easy to follow decalogue. Certainly it will not be difficult for you to choose zero-kilometer products, you just need to make arrangements with local suppliers. Better if they are small producers, breeders or farmers in the area, so that, even if they do not have the organic label, they can guarantee zero kilometer products genuine and healthy.

If it seems more difficult eliminate plastic, know that there are many companies that produce glasses, cutlery and plates in corn ambide. An example is the company Novamont or EcoZema, these use renewable raw materials to create products sustainable.

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