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Ecofiera dell'Oglio Po

A'sustainable economy it's possible. The demonstration of this can be touched by hand during theeco-fair of Oglio Po, the event to be held on 8 and 9 September in Casalmaggiore (CR), at the Parco della Posta. The event is organized by the Gasalasco Every Po Association and group of Solidarity Purchase formed by 120 families.

A'sustainable economy where everything that surrounds us can have a low environmental impact, starting with what is on our plates when we sit at the table, or from the furnishings of our home or the means of transport we use. These are just some of the themes embraced by the two days ofEcofiera dell’Oglio Po. Could not miss therenewable energy and fair trade. The exhibition part, in fact, will include the following themes:

Biological food at zero km

- Textile and footwear sustainable

Zero waste

Sustainable mobility

Renewable energies

- Eco-furniture and design

- Fair trade

- Movements and Associations

Admission to the event is free. The event will open its doors on Saturday 8 September from 4 pm to 11 pm, while on Sunday 9 it will be possible to access the area from 10 am to 8 pm.sustainable economy it is necessary to take the first steps towards a turning point green, indispensable for man and for the planet.

Video: Mi-Ve-Slow incontra lEcofiera Oglio Po (October 2020).