Gubbio, the Solar Ecovillage opens its doors

In these last weeks of summer, in Umbria, a dream project begins to materialize: self-sufficient houses immersed in nature, built with materials a zero impact and with an excellent energy profile given that the electricity surplus produced can be fed into the electricity grid or stored. We are talking aboutSolar Ecovillage, the innovative housing system under construction in Santa Cristina, Gubbio, inside the Alcatraz Park, the green lung of four million square meters.

The great real estate project ofSolar Ecovillage is promoted by the actor and writer Jacopo Fo and managed by the ethical trading company Merci Dolci which includes years of experience in consulting for the installation of solar thermal systems is photovoltaic. The company will realize its experience through theSolar Ecovillage, the project was signed by architects Sergio Los and Natasha Pulitzer.

L'Solar Ecovillage it will include a series of residential compounds spread over an area of ​​400,000 square meters, one tenth of the entire Alcatraz Park. The project includes a square with a bazaar, a condominium park, meeting places and about a hundred houses, all highly sustainable.

Apartment owners will be able to customize their home by directly managing the entire production process. The apartments will have sizes ranging between 40 and 200 square meters and a cost between 2,200 and 2,800 euros per square meter, a figure that includes photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, condominium properties, indoor swimming pool, party room and other facilities.The prices are higher than the Perugia residential average for about 30% more, but between solar energy and thermal insulation systems, water saving, there will be a considerable reduction in prices in the bill.

"We plan to deliver the first 17 apartments by the end of this year and to complete the entire work within the next two years", said Jacopo Fo.

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