Holidays in New York in Hotel Green

It is everyone's dream, a long one stay in New York, perhaps near Times Square. Visit the beating heart of the Big Apple, stroll through the crowded streets, visit clubs, shops, galleries and museums. At the end of the day, there is even more pleasure in returning to your hotel when it is green complete with LEED certification! The accommodation facility in question is theElement Times Square Hotel, where, to rule, it is not the luxury but the lightness of sustainability.

L'Element Times Square Hotel it is among the ten most sustainable hotels in the United States. The building has LEED certification, a peculiarity that characterizes the Hotel Element, Starwood, the only hotel chain fighting for LEED environmental certification. To date, six of the ten hotels in the chain Hotel Element Starwood, have obtained this certification, the other four are awaiting review.

L'Element Times Square Hotel offers 411 rooms. It is a very large structure therefore, the energy effort translates into large cuts of harmful emissions. To start, the Hotel takes advantage of 100% of renewable energy. Natural light can illuminate the rooms for many hours of the day, for the rest, the lighting is ad high energy efficiency with CFL and LED systems.

All appliances are certified Energy Star. The property has a fitness room that allows guests to recharge their portable devices during training and a charging station for eBike is electric cars. All showers and taps are low-flow to ensure maximum water saving. Guests are advised to drink diluted tap water rather than using plastic bottles.

Products are used for cleaning the rooms eco-friendly. Like detergents, other materials are also a low impact. For example, the materials used for flooring are made up of tires recycled and the paints are low in VOC. In the bathrooms there are no soap bars and miniature containers, rather there are dispensers for shampoo and shower gel, so as not to generate plastic waste.

The mission of the Hotel is to offer a healthy stay and a low impact. Guests can enjoy fresh seasonal products, free bicycles to explore the surroundings and, if they wish, breakfast in the know. The cutlery and all utensils are disposable, isn't that counterintuitive for a 411-room property?

It seems that most of the customers want to have breakfast outside the hotel, take it away in a sack. Then ceramics and glass would consume energy for cleaning, such as water and electricity for the dishwashers. Cutlery, plates and glasses are disposable but made from corn and paper plastic.

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