Italian agriculture, an indispensable resource

We talked about the economy, the future and the environment. More than 15,000 were present in Rome Italian farmers to hear the words of Sergio Marini, national president of Coldiretti. The Annual Assembly ended only recently and the major exponents of the academic world, institutional representatives, heads of social, economic, trade union and political forces both Italian and foreign were present. The Coldiretti Annual Meeting once again reaffirmed the great value that lies in our territory, an environmental emblem and guardian of biodiversity.

Sergio Marini addressed the ministers Mario Catania for Agricultural and Forestry Policies and Corrato Passera, for economic development. The appeal is simple and clear, the Government should give due recognition of the role that i growers play in society. Well-being and quality of life must be factors that are re-integrated into everyday language: economic estimates only weight consumption and prices, many values ​​are completely excluded from the language ofeconomy today. Well-being and quality of life must be integrated again and this can be done by relaunching the image ofItalian farmer.

The agricultural world is asking for greater recognition so as to achieve asustainable economy in practice. The wealth brought by agricultural enterprises Italians must not be estimated only in terms of GDP but above all in terms of the environment, identity, culture, quality and tradition. L'agriculture protects the environment, the territory and biodiversity, land consumption in Italy touches frightening figures (read more here). Our country is penalized due to the mutilation of the territory and is sanctioned by the European Court of Rights for environmental issues. Valuing the sector agricultural these issues could also be addressed.

L'Italian agricultural company offers a model of Sustainable Development because at the top of the agricultural pyramid there are values ​​such as the landscape, the quality of the environment, the protection of the territory and the safeguarding of biodiversity. All concepts opposed to those of waste and unregulated consumption which, according to many, have contributed to determining the current moment of crisis. Minister Catania asks for the agricultural enterprises Italians, not only moral but also concrete applause with economic recognition. L'Agriculture could offer an excellent recipe for growth not only for the agricultural sector but also for our society.

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