Nissan Leaf, more range in 2013

There Leaf of Nissan is among the electric cars most popular on the globe. It can boast years of experience and for this reason 2013 should include other features in its sales backgraund. There Leaf it does not slow down its evolution and, for the year in which the incentives arrive in Italy, the electric Nissan reports an increase in the range of autonomy with greater efficiency.

The announcement comes from Japan: the autonomy will be increased by 25% by improving the efficiency of the motors and the performance of the lithium-ion battery. There Nissan Leaf was elected Car of the year 2011 in Japan. In Italy, the list price is 38,500 euros, but a new LEAF “base” model is expected to arrive in 2013 that will bring the price down.


The Nissan Leaf currently has an engine equivalent to 109 hp and has a range of 160 kilometers. With an increase in autonomy of 25%, the autonomy range will reach approximately 200 kilometers and, according to the Nissan report, there will be a model Leaf cheaper, sold in Japan for ¥ 2.5 million, equivalent to about 25,700 euros.

As seen, currently the starting price of the Nissan Leaf is 38,500 euros, not so different from the Japanese starting price which adds up to around 3.7 million ¥ equivalent to 38,550 euros. If a similar cost reduction is maintained in Italy, the Nissan Leaf it will be destined to conquer the local streets, especially in view of the 5,000 euro incentives provided by the Italian state starting from January 2013.


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