Energy saving

Italians more echoed in the North West

Samsung measured the eco attitude of Italians when buying a new appliance

The gold palm for attention to sustainability goes to the regions of the North West, where 53.1% say they know the time slots of energy saving for the use of domestic appliances, followed by the South, with a figure of 49.5%. The least attentive are the citizens of the North East, where only 39.6% are aware of the greener timetables. Despite the emergence of a marked ecological sensitivity, in Italy there are significant regional differences.

The data emerges from the research conducted by Samsung is Human Highway on a representative sample of the Italian population of 1,000 cases. Eco sustainability, in any case, it is the key word for Italians when buying a new one household appliance: 95% of families in fact, it considers this characteristic to be fundamental, which represents a determining factor because it can significantly contribute to the reduction of household expenses.

The strong attention of Italians towards a sustainable use of domestic appliances it emerges clearly from the study: only 5% of the interviewees declared that they did not know the time slots of energy saving. This percentage even drops to 2% if only the over 55s are taken into consideration, while it exceeds 7% for the forties.

Curiosity: among the characteristics that influence the purchase of a new appliance, the space it is particularly crucial for the age group between 40 and 50 years (38.6%) - which according to the survey includes the largest families - while greater attention to time it seems to be crucial among the youngest (61.2%) and the oldest (58.6%). Finally, women, always busy in extricating themselves between work and family commitments, focus more on time saving (64.8%), while men prefer household appliances save space (39,3%).

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