Pedaling to shorten the sentence

Anyone who has seen at least one episode of Prison Break knows very well that conditions in prison can be deleterious, if you peer through the bars you can think of an escape plan, perhaps leaving prison in bicycle. It is not a plan to escape from prison but a strategy to have a sentence reduction. In the maximum security prison of Santa Rita di SapucaƬ, in the mountains north of San Paolo, prisoners were given the opportunity to reduce their sentence pedaling by bicycle for generate electricity.

The Brazilian prison applied this strategy proposed by a local judge. In this way, the prisoners can lose weight and generate the electricity necessary to illuminate the night walk along the Santa Rita di SapucaƬ river. This path was devoid of lighting but today it is guaranteed by the prisoners themselves who, for every three days of work on the pedals, manage to shorten their sentence by one day.

Riding a bicycle e generate clean electricity it could also be rewarding, especially if the reward is an extra day of freedom. Prisoners can cycle in small rooms, under the watchful eyes of an armed guard. The news was given by Euro News which provides us with the following image and video.

Brazil inmates cycle to freedom by generating ... by euronews-en

Video: How to Pedal Efficiently. Cycling (October 2020).