Electric cars: incentives are state law

The car is appreciated if it consumes and pollutes little

With the approval in the Senate on August 3, the Development Decree it became state law. Alongside the news that is being talked about the most in the newspapers these days, the innovations in the field of sustainable mobility which favor the spread of electric vehicles and fed with fuels with low environmental impact. It could have been done before, but that's it.

With the new law, the state has committed to incentivize the sustainable mobility through the creation of infrastructural networks for charging electric vehicles, the diffusion of public and private fleets of vehicles a electric traction, hybrid, LPG, to methane is biomethane, biofuels it's at hydrogen. The incentive also covers the purchase of vehicles a electric traction or hybrid.

In fact, the incentive includes a series of measures including a contribution for the purchase, even in financial leasing, of a new vehicle with overall low emissions upon delivery of a vehicle to be scrapped by the owner or user.

There are also rules for the support and development of electrical requalification of vehicles in circulation. With DM, specific rules must be established for the transformation of the vehicle engine, aimed at making it exclusively electric.

Now it is expected that the incentives move the market. In 2011, fewer than 300 were sold in Italy electric cars out of a total of 1,750,000 registrations. However, second Marco Martina, automotive industry expert for Deloitte: “In the coming years the potential market of electric cars in Italy it could be about 30-35 thousand sold in a year. This is why we are faced with a great opportunity that can bring benefits to the entire country system both in economic terms and in terms of quality of life and smart mobility”.

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