How to brighten up the desk

A breath of joy in the office or at home

It happens these days that the holiday landscape looks like one desk or al home table. Like it or not, by choice or by necessity, if you want to brighten up your space with useful and nice objects you can think of USB Fan Flower is USB Fan Light, two techno-ideas of Kraun which besides being fun are eco-friendly and cheap (9.99 euros)

Kraun USB Fan Flower it's a nice mini USB fan in the shape of a vase, with a large flower in the center and a fan with rotating petals, it offers a pleasant refreshment on the hottest days. Compact, very quiet and with a low energy consumption, can be powered either via USB or with AAA batteries. It is therefore also perfect for those who use notebooks, tablets but - thanks to battery power - it can also be used alone.

The petals that form the fan are in soft and flexible material to the point that they can be touched without any consequence even in full operation, during rotation. So even children, literally attracted to this cute flower, will be able to approach and touch it whenever they want, always remaining in full security.

Kraun USB Fun Light instead it is a small one USB lamp which illuminates and cheers up the night hours of those who are at the keyboard, or in the company of a good book. Similar to the Kraun Fan Flower, it is shaped like a vase with a large flower. The stem consists of a flexible rod and ends with an adjustable corolla which houses, among its cute red petals, some LEDs that ensure very practical lighting.

Compact in size, the lamp is very easy to orient and has a very low energy consumption. It is powered via USB or 3 AAA batteries, therefore it can also be used with devices such as netbooks and tablets or as a travel light, very useful in any situation.

Kraun USB Fan Flower is Kraun USB Fun Light are available in stores Computer Discount, Friend, Essedi Shop and at the best retailers

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