Illycaffè's sustainable supply chain

Behind excellent coffee there is a sustainable supply chain

Behind each Cup of coffee there is a long chain of business processes ranging from production to product distribution, and a large number of people who govern these processes. A excellent coffee you get it only if you pay attention to the whole production chain, since the beginning of the production chain.

This holistic approach based on sustainability, ethics is quality allowed the Italian illycaffè to be the first company in the world to obtain the Responsible Supply Chain Process Certification issued by the independent foundation Det Norske Veritas which deals with the protection of life and the environment.

Supply Chain Process Responsible Certification certifies the ability of a company structure to put in place a sustainable approach in the processes and relationships with its stakeholders throughout the production chain, assigning a crucial role to quality and the creation of value.

Illycaffè's approach to sustainability rests on three fundamental pillars: 1. select and work directly with i best producers of Arabica; 2. to transfer knowledge to them, forming them to one quality production in respect for the environment; 3. reward them for the quality produced, guaranteeing them always and in any case a I earn, in such a way as to make production sustainable.

Quality and sustainability they are an inseparable pair for illycaffè. An excellent product to be such can only be sustainable, in its threefold meaning: economic, social and environmental ", said Anna Adriani, Corporate Responsibility Director of illycaffè. "With this in mind - he added - the Responsible Supply Chain Process Certification it marks the transition from certification of an organization's supply chain to certification of its ability to create value for the benefit of all parties involved ".

Video: Supply Chain, Sustainability and Transformation (October 2020).