Who will buy the electric cars?

A motorist, with the purchase of aelectric car an estimated fuel saving of 3,800 euros is guaranteed but the "admission prices"Remain high. The European Commission has launched more restrictive guidelines on harmful emissions generated by newly manufactured cars. Such guidelines will drive up car prices as carmakers will have to invest more in development and research. Motorists are ready to buy aelectric car?

Admitted that in the next few years the charging columns and other infrastructures necessary for the circulation of electric cars, who will be the motorists who will buy these cars and, above all, will it be worth making such a high investment?

To ensure a sustainable mobility car manufacturers will have to invest more in research and development. This will further increase the price of the less polluting cars. It is legitimate to ask, which motorist will buy a car with an exorbitant price? There will likely be an increase in sales of city ​​car and small cars to the detriment of larger displacements which, although in line with the standards of emissions, too expensive and inaccessible.

The "technological neutrality"Mentioned by the European Commission, the one that should lead the market with the aim of reducing Polluting emissions, risks damaging part of the market even if, despite the foreseeable price increases for cars, the Commission believes that fuel savings they will guarantee an advantage for motorists.

The estimated benefit is approximately € 2,000, considering the 13-year average life of acar, a driver can save on the price of fuel, up to 3,800 euros. A saving that could justify, at least in large part, the higher initial cost to purchase aecological car, more efficient and able to comply with the high limits of polluting emissions.

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