Energy saving

Wind energy for OVH data centers

A wind farm will allow OVH to independently power the data centers

According to the recent report by Greenpeace on cloud carbon footprint, the impact on the environment of virtualized IT infrastructures with the consequent increase in emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenpeace pointed out that many companies in the industry in particular Internet and cloud service provider, pay close attention toenergy efficiency of their infrastructures (especially due to the economic impact of the issue) while they almost completely ignore the problems related to sources of energy, which are often very polluting.

The companies of hosting and i cloud service provider that they manage data center huge tend to reduce the energy consumption of the plants because this is in their own advantage, but it does not matter to them that the energy comes from renewables or from a very polluting coal plant.

But something is changing. The availability of technologies that allow you to make the most of renewable energies, combined with a growing sensitivity towards environmental times that is also reflected among users, is bringing hosting provider to adopt new forms of energy supply.

This is the case of the Frenchwoman OVH, one of the five largest companies in web hosting of the world, which has invested in building a wind power plant to independently produce the energy necessary for the operation of their data centers. The project is under construction in France.

There wind power plant to power i data center is the latest in OVH's efforts for energy saving and the environmental protection. As early as 2004, OVH developed an exclusive liquid cooling system for its servers. By eliminating about 70% of the heat produced by the processor, this technique allows the hosting provider to halve the energy costs.

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