JEME: sustainability in the world of work

Today sustainability is no longer a choice but a real necessity for businesses

There sustainability as a necessary factor and not only as a choice is the mission of JEME (Junior Enterprise Milan Economics), the first junior enterprise founded in Italy, in 1998. JEME is a student association ofBocconi University which operates as a real one consulting company.

The aim of JEME is to offer students the opportunity to learn directly in the field using the method learning by doing and to test the skills acquired at the university in the world of work.

JEME offers its clients consulting services on the subject marketing, finance is organization on the basis of a precise model: on the one hand prices highly competitive with respect to professional consultants, without however the quality of the work being affected in any way; on the other, it pays in training its associates.

This generates a constant demand for the association's services and JEME can offer support to small and medium-sized enterprises with limited financial resources, pursuing a dual objective of sustainability internal and external.

“Today the sustainability it is no longer a choice, but a real necessity for companies. JEME, a point of contact between businesses and young people since its inception, cannot help but make this issue its own ", said Federico Vigani, president of JEME, over the recent Corporate Social Responsibility Exhibition held at Bocconi as part of the fair From saying to doing.

There training as remuneration motivates many students to try joining JEME; however, the selection is very strict, so that the human resources available to the association are excellent for motivation and skills. Always attentive to communication, JEME recently started a program of social media marketing aimed at managing online relationships with users / buyers.


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