How to build a hammock

Would you like to fall asleep on ahammock in the shade of a tree? If the idea appeals to you then arm yourself with tools and practicality because we will explain to you in this guide how to build a hammock.

Building a hammock it is not very difficult, however it requires a bit of practicality and good manpower.

How to build a hammock. The necessary

  • Canvas or awning for deck chairs two meters long and 90 cm wide
  • 5 cm wide double-sided tape
  • 2 wooden pegs with a diameter of 1.25 cm, 70 cm long
  • 2 wooden strips with a diameter of 2.5 cm and 80 cm long
  • Drill
  • 14 meters of rope

How to build a hammock. The guide
Attach the double-sided adhesive tape, at least 5 cm wide, along the two short sides of the canvas and place the 70 cm long peg on both sides. Fold the canvas and make it adhere to the adhesive tape in order to enclose the peg in the hem. Attach the double-sided tape to the two long sides of the frame and proceed to fold the hem which will be about 2.5 cm. At this point proceed to the realization of the eyelets: they can be purchased from naval suppliers or supplies for bags or shoes. On each short side, with a pencil mark the central points where the eyelets will be inserted: calculate 7 equidistant points and then place the canvas on a hard surface.

Together with the eyelets you will be provided with the taps and the nut screws that must be positioned respectively above and below the canvas. When you hit the male with a hammer, which will be wedged into the underlying nut screw, a hole will form in the canvas which will then need to be covered with the eyelet. The eyelets consist of two parts that will be applied above and below the hole in the canvas: it is important to give a firm blow with the hammer to join them. Then apply the eyelets on the long sides of thehammock even if here they have only a decorative purpose while on the short sides they will serve as the rope will have to pass.

Constructing the crossbeams: obtain two 80 cm long, 2.5 cm diameter wooden slats. Drill holes with a drill by making 12 holes at a distance of 7 cm from each other. To prevent the wood from slipping off as you drill, use a clamp to hold it in place. Then insert the rope into the holes of the crosspieces and into the eyelets: use at least 7 meters of rope for each of the two ends, making a firm loop around the metal ring from which other centimeters of rope will then advance which will be used to tie thehammock to a trunk.

When the rope is inserted, pass from the hole in the crossbar to the corresponding eyelet, trying to maintain a uniform and constant tension of the rope for each section. Thread the rope starting from the second hole of the crossbar and not the first: this, together with the last hole, will be used to thread the rope that will need to be passed along the eyelets of the longer sides of the hammock

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