Convert your car to LPG or CNG

If we do not want or cannot buy a new car, a greener and cheaper solution can also be considered, such as the LPG or methane. Have you ever thought about installing a LPG system or methane? This is undoubtedly a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new car. You just need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons and make the choice that best suits your needs.

Installing an LPG or methane system is especially convenient if there are incentive plans in place in your city.

Auto conversion to LPG
Almost any gasoline car can be converted to LPG gas. A special system is installed in the boot whose costs vary according to the model. LPG systems can be of 4 types: mixer (non-catalyzed engines), carburetion control (Euro1, Euro2), gas injection (Euro 2, Euro 3) and sequential injection (Euro 2, Euro3, Euro 4) .
Costs range from 800/900 euros for a mixer system up to 1800/2000 euros for a sequential injection system to which about 150 euros are added for the final test.

What are the benefits?
You will have a big economic saving of about 50-60% less than gasoline. Autonomy is guaranteed by the many refueling stations in the area. Even the convenience of having a manual gearbox that can be controlled from the cockpit is not to be underestimated: it is possible to quickly switch from one power supply to another if necessary. Finally, LPG cars circulate in almost all municipalities, even in limited traffic areas or on block days.

Car conversion to methane
The systems are the same as for LPG but the costs change: a mixer system costs about 1500 euros, 1800 euros for carburation control and 2500 for gaseous injection. the costs of testing and tuning are the same as for LPG.

The advantages
As the LPG methane also has great advantages from an economic point of view: 1 kg of methane gas costs approximately 0.10 euro cents while 1 liter of unleaded petrol 1.8. Here, too, the petrol car can be easily converted to gas by installing a system in an authorized workshop. The loss of power that characterized the old generation systems is now practically non-existent especially in the new concept gas cars. In both cases, however, careful maintenance and optimal car conditions are the basic prerequisites for facing any type of conversion. The only major disadvantage is the size of the cylinder in the trunk. Another sore point, the gas system still remains polluting.

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