Trap Light, the Murano glass lantern

Do you want to change the look of the garden? There are ecological systems lighting that, in addition to providing a pleasant diffused light, can create a very suggestive atmosphere. Often the simplest ideas that may arise from an object commonly used to carry out other activities, can be an effective idea. This year one of the most popular outdoor accessories is the lantern: they are small light sources that have very distant origins.

Among the new types of more particular lanterns, we find Trap Light, born from the collaboration between designer Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson. What is special about it Trap light? It is a sustainable lamp created by hand with Murano's glass: thanks to photoluminescent pigments it absorbs the light of the bulb and re-emits it when it is off.

Photoluminescence is a process that some materials trigger for which theabsorbed energy it is gradually released in the form of light. In this case the photoluminescent pigments are inserted between two layers of glass, an operation possible thanks to the artisan technique of blown glass, typical of Murano glass. These pigments absorb energy first and then release it, in a fluorescent tone and from the lunar and fairy tale atmosphere.

Trap Light stores the light emitted by the incandescent or even better LED bulb, releasing it little by little as soon as it is switched off. Approximately 30 minutes of exposure to light allows Trap Light to glow for a full 8 hours.

It is a Murano glass bottle, redefined and reused for its new function. To make the shape more appealing, the bottle was then caged by a regular grid. A brilliant and eco solution, which also allows a remarkable energy saving.

Video: The art of Murano glass (October 2020).