Alcatraz, the solar island

L'Alcatraz island has turned away from fossil fuels and has embraced a more energy policy sustainable based on solar. Until recently, every week, about 200,000 liters of diesel were used to generate the electricity needed to meet the needs of the small island. Today a system photovoltaic from 307 kW it powers Alcatraz's small electricity grid.

Alcatraz Island is famous for its cells and for the presence of a high-security prison. Right on the roofs of the main building of Alcatraz lie most of solar panels. The islet also boasts a two megawatt-hour battery, used to store excess energy. The entire needs of the island can be satisfied bysolar power although some diesel generators have not been dismantled to be used only in case of need.

Solar energy convenient for the environment and for Alcatraz's pockets
Before the solar microgrid was completed, Alcatraz paid approximately 76 cents for each kWh of electricity. Now, with the production from solar panels, each kWh costs about 71 US cents, including the cost of building thesolar system.

Photo | BLuP1, Commons Wiki

Video: Alcatraz Tour HD 2016 (October 2020).