2012 Olympics, Basketball Arena proof of recycling

The Basketball Arena of London Olympics it is not only one of the iconic buildings of the 2012 Games but it is also an example of strategy sustainable. The Basketball Arena, designed by Wikinson Eyre Architects, is the temporary building among the largest in the history of the Games: it offers 12,000 seats for the Olympics and 10,000 seats for basketball and rughby events in the Paralympics. In the construction of this building, a key factor was the sustainability.

It is 30 meters high, to get an idea of ​​the majesty of this structure, one would have to look at the height of a seven-story building. It is composed of a steel frame wrapped in 20,000 square meters of a light coating, free of phthalates and in recyclable plastics. The steel theater is composed of modules reduced to a minimum but which manage to create a three-dimensional model through the formation of an undulatory motion that creates infinite facades of the building.

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The interaction between steel and sustainable coating was designed to interact with light to create extraordinary effects: during the oct, plays of light and shadows are created, creating a theatrical, almost concert setting! During the day, the roof provides adequate lighting, eliminating the annoying effect that the sun could have on players.

Among the other strengths of the building, we see that this was set up by combining components that can be easily disassembled and ready for reuse. More than two thirds of the materials used for setting up the Arena will undoubtedly be recycled.

LOOK PHOTOS OF THE Basketball Arena

Video: Basketball Arena London 2012 (October 2020).