Energy saving

Energy efficiency: let's start with construction, industry and transport

Construction is a sector where there is a lot to do for efficiency and energy saving

Building, industry is transport are the priority issues to be addressed for the development of efficiency and energy saving. To underline this is the Working Group 3 in the field of States General of the Green Economy who met in Milan to take stock of the situation. The objective of the Working Group - with the involvement of all stakeholders - is to evaluate possible measures for efficiency and energy saving in relation to their effectiveness both in terms of energy saved and development of the sectors concerned andemployment impact. Below in this article we report a summary of the advice of the GDL regarding each of the 3 developing themes: construction, industry and transport.

The States General of the Green economy are called for 7 - 8 November 2012 in Rimini, as part of the Ecomondo Fair - Key Energy, where the 8 established Working Groups will meet for the first time. The initiative of the States General of the Green Economy started from an organizing committee which includes federations and associations of companies from practically all sectors in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection.

Developable themes

BUILDING. Start interventions of redevelopment of the buildings, 55% plus, white certificates enhanced, revolving funds; make the serious and controlled energy certification. Forecast domestic appliances enabled to Demand response, obligation of a dishwasher and washing machine with double socket. Prepare specific tools for public building with active involvement of third parties, EPC, FTT, I go out, Revolving funds, CdP, audit, contracts and tenders. Introduce innovative urban planning tools and building regulations. Overcome the stability pact for related interventions energy efficiency. Make the obligations on the share of renewables in the new building. Set new limits 30% lower than the current ones for buildings built after 2014. Use European tools, such as the European Fund for Energy Efficiency.

INDUSTRY. Assistance to businesses that, especially SMEs, have difficulty in identifying solutions for efficiency and energy saving. Formation of Energy Manager and of energy management experts, energy audits, use of TEE, I go out, revolving funds, promotion of Energy Management System.

TRANSPORT. Promotion of electric vehicles, especially plug-in, and with a methane is gpl, feebates policies to discourage sales of energy-intensive car, innovation.

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