The eBike inspired by Harley Davidson

The new one arrives from Marrs Cycles electric bike hard core. Its name is M-1 and vaguely resembles the styling of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. There electric bike M-1 it has excellent technical performance, while for its look the speech is very subjective. The design is not based on classical canons. Draw one electric bicycle it is difficult because this is not a scooter but not even a conventional bike, the inspiration of the Harley Davidson style may not be appreciated by everyone.

The 48V battery is small but was chosen for its light weight. They power an engine capable of reaching a maximum speed of 32 km / h in assisted pedaling. 32 km / h are the maximum limit for electric bikes in circulation on US territory because in Italy, this limit drops to 25 km / h.


The range is 32 kilometers. There electric bicycle produced by the company Marrs Cycles comes with a luxury model that includes monochrome inserts and hand-made textures. There M-1 is built in California. There are many doubts and they do not only concern aesthetics which, for fans of the sector, could be captivating;


other doubts arise with the reading of the price: the basic model starts at 5,780 euros. It is true that you will not pay road taxes, stamps or insurance, but the starting price seems quite exaggerated, definitely, this electric bicycle is dedicated only to lovers of the genre.

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