Solar Tower Turbine

A new way of understanding and interpretingsolar power thanks to a group of turbines placed in a tower. There Solar Tower Turbine it will produce around 200 megawatts of energy, enough to meet the energy needs of around 150,000 homes. It will be built in Arizona and will be an 800 meters high structure that will not need any kind of maintenance in the first eighty years of life. There Solar Tower Turbine takes advantage of thesolar power in a very peculiar way, not with the photovoltaic panels as we are now used to.

There Solar Tower Turbine it works like a giant greenhouse that heats the air contained in the chamber below. The overheated air will tend to convey upwards and the only way out will be the central tower. At the base of the tower there is a group of turbines, from which it will be generated electricity clean.

The "greenhouse" placed underground will be a few hundred meters long, here the temperature of the hot air will touch 80 ° C and will be able to activate the turbines of the tower. When the air leaves the tower it will have reached a much lower temperature because the heat will dissipate along the way towards the tower. This stroke will create a natural updraft and by temperature gradient, the turbines will be able to produce clean energy.

Solar Tower Turbine can guarantee excellent performance regardless of atmospheric conditions, in addition, the structure will operate in a continuous cycle and is not bound to the solar phases: the heat of the day heats the earth so much that the mega device will continue to work even at night, moreover it will create a microclimate suitable for the underlying vegetation. The estimated cost is approximately $ 750 million and the works will begin in 2015.

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