The UK's largest solar plant

It is made up of 1,800 photovoltaic panels and extends over an area of ​​30 hectares of land. It has a total capacity of 5 MW, enough to meet the energy needs of around 1,000 UK homes. It will not live up to the solar systems of Germany but it is an excellent achievement for Great Britain.

The inaugural ceremony took place a few days ago, when City Councilman Alexis McWvoy cut the ribbon to visit the site and stroll among the solar panels. If you happen to go on holiday to the UK, you can certainly consider taking a guided tour of the solar park, exactly located on the Cadland estate, it is a farm in Fawley, near Southampton, Hants.

The project was completed by the company Anesco (in the photo the SEO), the owner of the estate, Aldred Drummond, consulted four companies that, according to Drummond, were not up to the task. Aldred, the owner of the Cadland estate, wanted to start a simple but effective project, the proposals of the other companies in the sector were too complex.

I believe that ours is an innovative project and I am happy that some estates just like ours are held up by exploiting thesolar power and other sources of alternative energy -Drummond said-. I am thrilled with the installation of the solar park and also for the future of renewable sources. "

The solar park it is surrounded by trees, so it is practically invisible to neighbors and passers-by. Despite the large surface it covers, the visual impact is minimal.

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