European funding arrives

You have a brilliant project but you don't have enough money to invest? The European Commission, to encourage the competitiveness of the old continent, invites companies to submit proposals for research within the Seventh FP7 Framework Program. In all, it is 8.1 billion euros, this is the capital that will have to support the projects and ideas of the organizations and companies that submit suitable applications.

THE financing ofEuropean Union they are open to organizations and businesses in all Member States, including Italy. An excellent opportunity especially for small and medium-sized companies. But what are the sectors in which organizations and companies must operate in order to apply to financing?

Priorities are given to the field of research,industrial innovation. In particular, the sectors will be those of health, of environmental Protection, ubanization and waste management. A unique opportunity especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that have a dedicated package of 1.2 billion euros.

Italians who intend to access financing, can refer to this web page, established by APRE to provide the contact points of the VII Framework Program in Italy. The National Contact Points offer free service and advice on administrative procedures, the preparation of the proposal and all the necessary procedures to apply to the financing.

All the disservices of the APRE, but in general, of public or private entities, must be reported to the competent authorities. It is a citizen's right to receive adequate services and, if these are not provided properly, it is the user's right and duty to make the necessary complaints / reports. The questions under the Seventh FP7 Framework Program can be done with next autumn, currently it is advisable to start drawing up the projects and ideas to be delivered.

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