Energy saving

Reduce your bill costs by 30%

New technologies in the field ofenergy efficiency have opened up new market prospects. The most obvious and widespread concerns theluminous efficiency with increasingly cheaper lighting systems that manage to reduce the costs of the electricity bill up to 30%. Consumers are eager to adopt products with a minor impact on the environment but above all they aim to reduce consumption. A US analysis estimates that the reduction could reach 30% per month!

Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation stated that buildings consume about 40% of theworld energy and they are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. The technologies available to modernize buildings can guarantee a energy saving tangible both in terms of carbon dioxide and in terms of costs in the bill.

Specific standards are currently enforced energy efficiency for buildings and lighting systems. The US government and also the Italian one, provide tax deductions or benefits of various kinds for those who focus on high-level systems energy efficiency. In particular, the United States offers reductions to make low lighting products more affordable environmental impact.

Incandescent lamps, magnetic ballasts and other inefficient light sources have now reached their epilogue and have gradually disappeared. This bodes well for the market energy saving. For example, in Livorno, by replacing approximately 400 lighting systems, approximately 68,142 kWh are saved each year. Translated into environmental terms, the harmful impact will be reduced by 34,071 kg of CO2 emissions for each year.