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Olive oil, good for Spain bad for Italy and Greece

The crisis in the Eurozone is felt and among the countries most affected are Spain, Greece and Italy. May help come fromolive oil? It seems that this product can do great things on the Spanish agri-food market, while it is declining in Italy. This was confirmed by a projection based on historical data that contains interesting information on the dynamics of the Dell market'olive oil in Greece, Italy and Spain from now until 2020.

There Directorate-General for Agriculture issued a document in collaboration with the European Commission. The methodology used for the projections contained in the document is based only on historical data, for example, the data that differentiate the irrigated areas from the non-irrigated ones, have been considered only for Spain because they are available only for that country.

According to the report, Spain, a net exporter of oil, will go from an average production of olive oil from one million and 463 thousand tons this year, up to one million and 677 thousand tons in 2020. This production foresees internal consumption which by 2020 will be 632 thousand tons and exports increasing from the current 840 thousand tons to over one million.

For Italy a progressive decline in production is expected from the current 538 thousand tons per year to 477 thousand for 2020. At the same time, the differential between imports and exports will narrow slightly and our country is expected in 2020 to import 493 thousand tons per year, exporting 358. So Italy will import more olive oil than it will produce for export. This estimate should not underestimate the average decline in domestic consumption. This means that Italians consume less olive oil, in 2011 these consumption amounted to 660 thousand tons, for 2020 a reduction of up to 620 thousand is expected.

For Greece, an annual decline in production is expected from the current 310 thousand tons to 270 thousand in 2020, hand in hand with internal consumption, expected to go from 228 thousand to 202 thousand tons per year.

This proposal is a quantitative estimate only, we remind you that theItalian extra virgin olive oil it has been called the best oil in the world with a lot of ranking:
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