Solar, a tug-of-war between Europe and China

80% of the solar market in Europe has been conquered by China. Chinese manufacturers of solar power could engage in unfair competitive practices. We talk about the war of photovoltaic and the accusation is clear: the low prices of Asian companies risk killing the European market. The low prices charged by China would be the result of massive injections of contributions granted by the Beijing government, in violation of WTO rules.

About twenty European companies have joined the initiative Eu ProSun, also supported by the Italian Photovoltaic Industries Committee. Eu ProSun he asked the European Commission to open an investigation into alleged Chinese dumping on the production of solar panels. The investigation should shed light on the issue of Asian solar production: Chinese companies have conquered more than 80% of the European Union market.

Milan Nitzschke, president of Eu ProSun talks about illegal export:
"European Union manufacturers have the best solar technologies in the world but are being beaten in their market by illegally exporting Chinese solar products below their cost of production."

In 2011 alone, the European Union was the recipient of 60% of Chinese exports of solar products for a value of 35.8 billion dollars. The Chinese giant risked making US companies waver too, so much so that last May donaghanal duties of up to 31% were imposed on solar panels imported from China. A similar solution could revive the market photovoltaic of our Europe.

The US Department of Energy has estimated that the Chinese government has provided its solar producers with more than 25 billion euros in subsidies, including low-interest loans, free land and subsidized energy. Such action would violate WTO rules.

There Suntech is the leading Chinese company in the production of solar panels. He did not stand up to the accusations made byEu ProSun, but said it will cooperate unreservedly to prove that there have been no illegal subsidies while also ensuring maximum transparency on production costs. According to the Chinese multinational, the global production chain of photovoltaic panels it is complex and interconnected, so much so that most of the systems installed in Europe are made with components and services produced all over the world. Stokes, president of Suntech Europe, said:
«In 2010 and 2011 we purchased equipment and raw materials from European suppliers for a value of around 600 million euros. We fear that any measures to the benefit of European cell and module manufacturers would damage all other stages of the value chain. Suntech, along with most of the photovoltaic companies European and global, is united in the defense of free trade and aims to avert a trade war "

There European Commission will have 45 days to decide whether to initiate such investigations or reject the request of theEu ProSun. In any case, there is a risk of undertaking a minefield, on the other hand, the low costs offered by China kill European solar production, on the other hand, the introduction of customs duties or punitive tariffs could have negative implications on the other phases of the chain. worth.

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