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From Cagliari to Malta, the adventure of Turanor continues

Until August 1st, the Tûranor PlanetSolar it will be stationed at the port of Cagliari for its only Italian stop. The solar powered catamaran largest in the world has managed to drain most of the seas of the planet by traveling around the world in 584 days. The company of the Swiss visionary is exemplary Raphaël Domjan and of the capitno Eric Dumont that at each port conquered, it descended to promote the power ofsolar power. Such propaganda could not be missing in Cagliari, when the press conference of the Tûranor PlanetSolar so as to demonstrate that thesolar power is a clean and unlimited resource, a concrete alternative to fossil fuels.


For Italy, what better stop than Sardinia? Where the sun rises bright and even the winds are not lacking. Cagliari is the only Italian stop and the arrival of the Tûranor was strongly supported by the Sardinia Region and Confindustria Sardinia Southern, with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Cagliari and the San Giuseppe Convent of Cagliari. On August 1st the Turanor he will set sail for the island of Malta to continue his adventure in the Mediterranean.

The solar powered catamaran it measures 115 meters long and 75 meters wide. The entire bridge is covered with solar panels which provided the energy needed to travel 37,286 miles at a speed of 20 knots. Tûranor is covered by 537 square meters of solar panels which generate a capacity of 95.5 kW. It crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans via the Panama and Suez Canal. It has conquered the ports of Miami, Cancun, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Adu Dhabi, always favoring a route that allowed maximum solar exposure. 2050 is coming and it will be the year when we can no longer rely on oil, we need to focus on clean technology and build increasingly innovative means of transport, Turanor can be considered the emblem of the association between "mobility" and "renewable energies“.

«We chose Sardinia because it represents the sun, the sea and everything we want to sponsor and protect with this ship. - said Dumont - We must realize that 2050 is coming and it will be the year of oil crisis. With the shortage of fossil fuels we must move in this direction and build better boats than this: we must be more and more technological. Sardinia is rich in solar energy that you can use to the fullest: you have an extraordinary resource. With the Turanor he continued - we show that we can also remain ecological in the sea. We have found many sponsors and partners and we use the same ones panels found on the market. The sector in which it can have greater application is that of fishing boats because they go slow and do not pollute, but in the future we can think of larger ships, such as cruise ships. This is just the beginning.»


Sardinia is aware of the imminent energy crisis and is eager for a change, comments the Regional Councilor for Agriculture Oscar Cherchi underlining how much the Region believes and invests in renewable energies:

«We can boast of having in Sardinia the largest completely solar-powered greenhouse in the world and it is located in Villasor, but we are working to replicate this system also in other sectors This boat is proof of how the world can profitably use renewable energies: it is the demonstration that it can be done, that it works and that this is the future. Only in this way does renewable energy become freedom.»

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