EU and renewables. Which are the least virtuous countries?

The European Union is pressing on the matter of clean energies, the goal is to reach 2020 by covering at least 20% of energy consumption from renewables, unfortunately there are some countries that have not yet complied with the orders of Brussels; let's see what the European Union tells us and which countries are less inclined to renewables.

The directive on clean energy, provides that each member country must reach individual targets in the consumption of renewable energy. Not only production from clean sources but also adequate access to the grid for electricity from renewable sources, inclusion for biofuels in transport and parameters for energy efficiency. There directive it should have been implemented by the entire EU as of December 5, 2010 but even today, due to individual countries, the 2020 target may not be achieved.

Thus an ultimatum arrives from Brussels for Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia which have two months to comply with EU directives. If this does not happen, the European Commission could decide to refer the four countries to the European Court of Justice.

In 2010, Cirpro was only 4.8% covered by renewables. Ireland was stuck at 5.5%, the terrible situation in Malta where energy demand was covered by renewables by only 0.4%. Slovenia, on the other hand, despite its legislative delays, is much closer to the finish line, counting, in 2010, coverage from renewables 19.8%. - Eurostat data sources.

Other guidelines concern the water saving and the management of waste water, here was theItaly to be referred by the European Court of Justice for not following the due indications.

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