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Rewoolution Raid: outdoor eco in Bergamo

Rewoolution Raid"Is the staged event dedicated to outdoor sports enthusiasts committed to spreading values ​​such as respect for nature and the environment.
In this last weekend, Bergamo and the surrounding countryside hosted the first stage of the two summer events of the Rewoolution Raid circuit (the second will be held in Torbole, on 22 and 23 September) which included a mixed route of mountain bike and racing from perform in orienteering, plus a series of special stages "for strong hearts".

Participants could choose between two paths: “Amateurs" is "Pro"Of increasing difficulty. The "adrenaline" special stages, the same for both categories, awarded bonuses for the classification.

The tests took place on Saturday and Sunday with the athletes who spent the night in a suggestive tented camp in La Fara.

The route of the first day saw the departure from San Pellegrino for the Pro (22 km on foot and 10 km by mountain bike with a total positive difference in height of 1,420 meters) and from the base camp of La Fara for amateurs (19 km in mountain bike and 9 km on foot, with an overall positive difference in height of 385 meters).

The special stage involved jumping safely hanging from a cable suspended 30 meters high near the walls of the Upper Town! Safe and fun, but it certainly takes a good dose of courage to launch!

Upon returning from rehearsals, pasta party and then all in tents for a well-deserved rest!

At 9 am on Sunday departure for the tests on the second day, with the same mixed route for both categories: 25 km with a positive difference in height of 250 meters, and departure from Bergamo Alta.

The first special stage consisted of one descent from the walls of the Upper Town (15 meters high) in double rope: safe and easy to say, a little more difficult to do!

The second test was definitely the most adrenaline-pumping: "Bag Jump“, Or jump into the void from the walls of the Upper Town to land 15 meters below on a special inflatable mattress. Definitely for "strong hearts"!

On arrival, prizes to the best and by drawing lots. For the teams that will also be present at the Torbole test there will even be the opportunity to win a trip to New Zealand (prize for the best team and for an extracted team).


Definitely a great event sponsored by Rewoolution (, manufacturer of clothing in pure Merino wool, free of synthetic fibers and specially created for those who love sports in close contact with nature.

Waiting for the new videos, you can see with your own eyes some of the moments of last year's Rewoolution Raid that will make you understand what trials the participants had to face.

Video: REDA REWOOLUTION Impact ad OutDoor 2016 - Summer 2017 (October 2020).