Wikado Playgraund, the wind that makes fun

A pile of aircraft and old wrecks wind turbines. This is not a landfill but a playground for very peculiar children, the Wikado Playground in Rotterdam, Holland.

Holland has always been in close complicity with thewind energy. First with the classic mills and then with the wind farms and today with i amusement parks! This is the strategy implemented by the Netherlands for recover the wind turbines abandoned, which have reached the end of their life cycle. And so, in 2007 the Wikado Playgraund was born, an example of excellence for creative recycling.

LOOK PHOTOS OF THE Wikado Playgraund

The life of wind turbines it is dignified from birth. Of course, it will take energy to produce those big giants but over the course of their existence they can very well pay off the investment in both economic and CO2 terms. A wind blades he spends his life producing clean energy and ends it in a playground, becoming the main attraction for the little ones in Rotterdam but also for tourists and onlookers who want to observe the wind turbines disassembled and reworked to entertain children.

Thanks to decommissioned wind turbines and some aerial wreckage, Rotterdam has four towers, obstacle courses, ramps, bridges, slides and a labyrinth. In the Wikado Playground in Rotterdam there is no room for new stuff, in fact even the simplest tools such as the swing but also benches and tables have been made using discarded material.

LOOK PHOTOS OF THE Wikado Playgraund

The 2012Architecten studio created the playground in Rotterdam and has an excellent resume when it comes to environmental sustainability. In the past he has already carried out projects with waste materials obtaining extraordinary results in terms of reductions of CO2.

Video: Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning using Rope Access (October 2020).