Sustainable holidays

What does it mean to choose one sustainable vacation and what are the precautions we can take to make our holiday more echo?

More than a trend, the sustainable holidays they are a sense of respect for the environment. About a quarter of the carbon dioxide we produce, in fact, derives from the emissions generated by car travel and it is necessary to reverse the trend if we want to save the planet.
According to a survey by Tripadvisor (the well-known portal of reviews on trips made by travelers) the trend of sustainable tourism is in considerable expansion. 57% of travelers said they often make decisions to undertake one sustainable vacation.

The real question is, is the tourist willing to spend more for travel ethically?
Half of travelers say they would spend more on accommodation eco friendly during the trip.
23% would pay up to $ 25 more per night, while 9% would also pay up to $ 50 per night extra.
75% say they would not look too much at their wallet to go on a vacation like this.
Here, then, is a series of small tips and tricks to follow for a zero-emission holiday.
Various aspects must be considered: those related to the trip and others related to the stay and the chosen structure.Sustainable vacation it means first of all choosing the best means of transport eco friendly to go on vacation. It is therefore advisable to opt for the train or the bus and, once you arrive at the place of stay and avoid traveling by car as much as possible, preferring a healthy and pleasant walk or use of public transport.
Sustainable vacation It also means choosing bio-sustainable and environmentally friendly structures: farmhouses, structures that do not distort the landscape but adapt to it.

Sustainable vacation it means choosing restaurants that adopt the short supply chain and offering menus to km zero.
It means choosing the countryside and unspoiled places rather than the great metropolis.
If you really can't give up on the plane, choose to fly with one ecofriendly company.
There are numerous sites that offer trips of this type, dedicated to relaxation and nature.
Basically it is a return to the habits of a few decades ago, when people lived in harmony with the surrounding nature. A clear rejection of a hyper-controlled life, marked by stressful rhythms and in which one has lost contact with the pleasant things in life.
Four Seasons Nature and Culture is a tour operator that organizes trips and excursions to discover the world slowly, so the concept of slow tourism, slow turism.

There are many proposals for all budgets and needs: from school camps to educational trips for children, through trekking, sailing and canoeing trips, honeymoons, weekends in Italy and in the rest of the world. . The underlying philosophy is one: "a slow approach to nature and its beauties combined with the discovery of cultures and the particularities of the world".

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