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In Las Vegas, the building that holds beer

How many beers can you hold? In Las Vegas there is a building it stands thanks to 500,000 bottles of beer. Scott McCombs an entrepreneur designed and built the Morrow Royal Pavilion, the largest building in the world built entirely with a material obtained from glass recycling, the Green Stone.

This palace was declared the largest building in the world set up in recycled material, but what makes it even more original is the source from which the so-called "Green Stone" was obtained, 500,000 bottles of beer collected and recovered from the city premises, hotels and nearby hotels.

Interesting enterprise, designed by the company Realm of Design, attentive to environmental efficiency and committed to the production of green innovations in the construction field. Looking at the outside of the building there seems to be no trace of bottles of beer in the walls.

The Morrow Royal Pavilion it appears completely elegant and the walls are smooth and cared for as if they were built in the most refined of cements. This is because blocks of "Green Stone" were used for the processing.

How is the green stone created?
It is obtained by crushing the glass bottles and combining them with a particular type of ash obtained from a by-product of thermoelectric power plants. Once the compound has been poured into the appropriate molds, this new resistant material with great aesthetic impact is obtained.

The Green Stone it is particularly ecological. In addition to recycling, the material making process has a very low rate of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, it also requires less water consumption than using normal red bricks or ordinary concrete.

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