Italy, waste water is a big problem

How does the treatment of waste water in Italy? Unfortunately, according to reports from the European Commission, they are not properly treated before being discharged in sensitive areas. There are over 143 cities on the Italian Peninsula that still do not guarantee a suitable or unsuitable sewage system polluting.

Italy was referred to the European Court of Justice for not respecting the deadlines set for the Wastewater Treatment. There is still too little progress in our country.

Already in 2011, the Commission had sent an alert to the Government of Rome, the reason? Over 143 Italian cities were not yet connected to a sewer system suitable, another problem reported was the lack of efficient treatment plants.

For what concern Wastewater Treatment, according to the provisions of EU legislation, agglomerations with over 10,000 inhabitants had to equip themselves with systems for the collection and treatment of waste water by 1998. Italy has reached 2012 still retaining major flaws.

14 years have passed since the expiry of the deadline imposed by the EU and, at least 50 agglomerations of 10,000 inhabitants, still have gaps and are far from environmental standards planned by Brussels.

Video: Inside Italys Secret Toxic Waste Crisis (October 2020).