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Villa Amanzi, between green spaces and luxury

Wellness area, swimming pool, relaxation room and a setting that instills calm and quiet. Visually, the predominant points ofarchitecture are the rock and the breathtaking view. The work stands in the middle of a ravine, just above the northern coast of the Andaman Sea, immersed in a free cascade of rocks, dominating is the swimming pool that thrills by defying the force of gravity.

Building in the rock, respecting all safety criteria and regulations, seemed a daunting undertaking but the result is solid, brilliant and luxurious. L'architecture it is equipped with a public space, a private area, the living room, an area for the family but also gardens, bedrooms and many other rooms characterized by the presence of green spaces.


The house proves to be intimate and private, but open to the world through the dining room and two gardens. The large windows are able to make the most of thenatural lighting, the green spaces scattered in every room, recall nature with a completely harmonious effect. Due to its location it can be considered an example of sustainable architecture but even before that it is a masterpiece of luxury.


The villa is located in Phuket, Thailand. Is called Villa Amanzi and was designed by the designers of the Original Studio.

Photograph by Helicam Asia Aerial Photography

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