The electric car that recharges itself

An electric field that can power the electric cars while I'm on the move? Plans have already been made for wireless charging systems but we see that the first practical application with a similar mechanism arrives from Japan.

The electric cars of the next generation will be able to count on a new ally, thepower taken from the road surface; in this way, finally, the anxiety from “Battery life". A team of researchers from Toyoshi University of Technology, Japan, has pioneered a system that allows electric cars to recharge using the principle ofinductive coupling.

The system was named EVER (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway). Let's see how it works:
a metal plate was installed under 10 cm of concrete and 5 cm of asphalt. The Japanese team managed to create an electric field between the wheels and the road thanks to which it was possible to transmit enough energy to power a light bulb. The test was only used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the EVER system which measured an efficiency of 90%.

In practical terms, the tires of electric cars next generation could be adapted and connected to the vehicle's fuel system. For now, scholars have managed to transmit a power of 50-60 watts but the material used for Japanese public roads will increase this capacity by at least 100 times.

It will certainly not be easy to redesign the entire road network to install such infrastructures. The next step, at least in the West, involves the installation of electric columns and, in Italy, this too is slow.

Video: Automatic charging of BPRV E Bike.. world first Self charging e-bike (October 2020).