$ 6 million luxury island vacation

Would you rather take a vacation to a small private island or a luxury hotel? Or maybe on a large and spacious yacht that makes you fly over the waves? What if there was a floating island that includes all these things? It is there and it is called Orsos Island.

Gabor Orsos is a former hotel owner. His profession has led him to design a structure that combines the flexibility of an ultra-modern apartment with the comfort offered by luxury hotels. This is how it was born "Orsos Island“, The tiny six million dollar floating island. Gabor Orsos he has been active for many years in the hotel and restaurant sectors but also in the real estate and tourism sectors. He knows what luxury is and he knows just as well what are the comforts that some tourists cannot give up.


In the beginning, the purpose of Orsos it was to create a sort of floating, exclusive and innovative hotel chain; moving forward with the project, Orsos he realized that such a place shouldn't be limited to just a select group of people: the first Orsos Island it can accommodate 12 people in six double rooms along with four staff members, but think if there was an entire archipelago made up of these luxurious floating hotels?

The floating island of Orsos is a platform measuring 37 meters by 20 m, spread over several levels and accumulating a total of one thousand square meters of floor area. Orsos Island cannot be considered a hotel because it is suspended in the water but it cannot be considered a yacht either because it is without engine.


Orsos Island is also innovative in technology, it feeds on the solar panels and the wind turbines indeed, the excess energy produced will be exploited to charge batteries capable of operating a machine that, by filtering the sea water, makes it drinkable, in full compliance with water saving and energetic.

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