Lotus, the eco-chic street furniture

Designed by the Italian designer Giancarlo Zema, Lotus is a product of the Bergamo-based company LumineXence. Lotus can boast several configurations that provide shelter from rain and sun, but thanks to its technology, lotus will be able to illuminate the environments and produce clean electricity.

It can be described as a large leaf that arises from the ground and rises upwards, an element mounted in a radial pattern with a diameter of 14 cm and 260 cm in height. The result is an elegant structure that boasts a generating capacity of 500W of clean energy, this thanks to its powerful leaf photovoltaic that with its 4 square meters of surface can generate solar power.


The 4 sqm model is the smallest. Lotus it might fit perfectly in home gardens but is born as Street furniture with a thousand uses. The smaller models could be used as a shelter for bus stops and at the same time as charging points for bike, scooter and other electric vehicles. Lotus could also power a mini information center and create a small free hotspot for surfing the web.

On the other hand, the more powerful form of Lotus can boast one photovoltaic surface of 19 square meters with an electrical power of 2.8 kW. This means being able to have a power plant everywhere: in the squares, in public gardens, in the parking lots of shopping centers ... Lotus confirms that Italy can be the home of good design combined with innovation and sustainability.


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