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How to save diesel

The diesel it is cheaper than the petrol but it must be said that the prices of diesel fuel they have never been as high as this year. In view of the holidays, prices are still rising and motorists are asking themselves how to save diesel so as to find a few more coins in the wallet. Of course, saving money is not the only goal: the less pollution we create, the better our life will be!

To burden on fuel prices they are the excise duties of the Italian government but also the instability of countries such as Libya, Egypt and the Middle East. In addition, we must consider that in the long term oil prices will be even higher, it is still an exhaustible source and this makes the reasons for investing in renewables.

How to save diesel
You will have to drive with caution and follow the decalogue proposed in this article, the 10 rules to apply to drive in an ecological way. Intelligent driving allows you to make significant savings on the cost of diesel fuel.

For save diesel there are other strategies to be implemented, an excellent habit could be to choose cleaner means of transport such as bicycles or public transport. By using public transport or the bicycle you will avoid the wear and tear of your car, you will save on diesel and you will keep fit. Then, if you really can't do withoutcar, participate in car-sharing programs, if in your city there are no associations that organize it, propose it yourself!

Sharing your car means halving your costs diesel fuel, how to pay 80 cents per liter when each liter from the pump costs € 1.60! When you go to work or to pick up your child from school, you choose to share your trip with another person and share the costs. With a car full of 4 people, the price per liter will be only 40 euro cents! A nice savings no?!

For save diesel, the car must also be in good condition. Carry out the classic maintenance work, check the efficiency of your car and if you have an SUV ... why not replace it with a small car? When you change cars, keep an eye on consumption or choose aelectric car or if you are really not ready to jump… a hybrid car!

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