How to homologate tires

When the tires mounted on our vehicle have different sizes from those reported in the booklet, it will be necessary to provideapproval. If you have decided to replace your tires with other tires, perhaps larger, this guide will be for you.

How to homologate tires
It will be necessary to fill in the appropriate documentation and then deliver it to the MCTC officials.

Go to the civil service and explain to the person in charge what you want to do. At this point you will be given a file to fill in and two slips to pay. Specifically, you will have to deliver and pay:

  1. Request for visit and test of the vehicle to be presented at the Provincial Office of the M.C.T.C. on mod. MC 2119 together with mod. MC 2020, if necessary.
  2. Proofs of payment on postal current account of the amounts relating to tariff "3.1" (see "M.C.T.C. tariffs" page Z.022 / 01).

You must attach to the documentation that the person in charge of the civil motorization will deliver to you:

  1. Vehicle registration certificate
  2. Declaration of Nulla Osta issued by the vehicle manufacturer
  3. Photocopy of the significant pages of the CUNA Tables.

In addition to having to deliver all the aforementioned paperwork, you must be ready to take a practical test at the motorization. At this point you must have the new tires fitted to the vehicle. Before taking the test at the motorization, you must pass through the transformation office where the Nulla Osta declaration issued by the car manufacturer that produced your car must be checked.

The motorization will give you the green light for testing and you will be able to move freely with yours approved tires. The most difficult point of the whole bureaucratic process is certainly not the queue at the post office to pay the bills! Rather it will be difficult to obtain the Nulla Osta from the manufacturer. The Nulla Osta Certificate of the Manufacturer can be replaced by the technical report of a mechanical engineer duly registered in the register.

The engineer must certify that the new tires do not affect the safety of the car. The technical report must be delivered to the operator. Therefore, after obtaining the clearance or the technical report from the engineer, book the test at the engine, fit the new tires and go to testing.

It is not easy to find a mechanical engineer who certifies responsibility for this declaration, especially since, in the event of an accident, he will have to be able to demonstrate that the tires are technically and legally in place. So, although having the clearance from the manufacturer may seem more difficult, it is the safest way.

How to homologate tires, costs
With the nulla osta issued by the vehicle manufacturer, the costs are equivalent to the two bulletins, respectively of € 6.20 and € 21, and any shipping costs for the request for the Nulla Osta. If the engineer's declaration is used, the cost will be at the discretion of the expert and may exceed 100 euros.

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