Naples, the heart of the Green Economy

Southern Italy is increasingly interested in Green economy: more than 8,000 companies in the Campania Region are interested in the more sustainable side of the economy, which turn their gaze to sources of clean energy. This was announced by ANEA, the Neapolitan Energy and Environment Agency.

Interest in the green economy it grows throughout Italy but in Southern Italy it grows above the national average. The southern interest in renewables is confirmed by the figure that sees a total of just over 100,200 companies potentially interested in Green economy in Italy, as many as 30% come from the south and 8% (8,338 companies) from Campania.

Naples proves to be an excellent base for the development of Green Economy in Italy. The Campania capital has 4,477 companies potentially interested in undertaking business with renewable energies. Here are the estimates of the Neapolitan:

  • 4,171 companies in the installation of electrical systems in buildings that could be involved in the installation of photovoltaic panels
  • 142 companies that could enter the field with the production of clean electricity
  • 98 companies engaged in recovery and preparation for the recycling solid urban and industrial waste e biomass
  • 57 companies in the production of electric motors, generators and transformers
  • 9 in the manufacture of turbines and turbo-alternators.

Confirming the positive growth trend of the sector, there is the opening of encouraging scenarios in terms of increase in jobs. An issue of considerable importance especially in the Italian South.

Data source | ANEA, office of Unioncamere-Infocamere and Movimprese.

Video: Climate Change and the Green Economy - Jeffrey Sachs (October 2020).